Ziv Gadon

Student Architcet

Fifth-year architecture student at Ariel University Center. Since 2010 my main academic interest is focused on the contribution of evolving technologies to the field of architecture.

My first experience of the parametric planning world was at 2010 during a summer workshop at IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) Barcelona. I found out a whole new world of opportunities and started on the basics.

At winter 2011I took a part at the planning and assembling of an exhibition called Parameter that dealt and assembled with the help parametric design presentation.

2012 – AA workshop called Active Matter that dealt with natural resource usage around Bear-Sheva River. I was a part of a team that developed a code that tried to parametrically solve the option of collecting flood water and re-use it during the summer. Later that year my third year project called “Parametric Urbanism?” was chosen to present at the Final-Project Exhibition in Jaffa Port. This project focused on finding a way to translate environmental information into numbers, quantities and create data processing mechanism in order to analyze, plan and test urban environments before the project takes place.