Golan Hadari

Golan Hadari, Architect.


B.Arch from Ariel University. Part of the studio since 2009 as I finished my title.

Live in Ramat Hasharon with my family in an apartment which I designed together with my wife during our studies.


My early days in the south periphery were flooded with interactions between different people.

I learned to communicate.

The color range of the “languages” I learned led me to seek variety in my architectural learning process. During my studies, when thoughts about working as an architect past my mind, I pictured my self working in a diverse studio where I could interact with as many architectural situations as I can. I seek to encounter and dominate different scales to enrich my knowledge and capability to plan and design boundless. Indeed during the years we had extremism architectural scales, from designing a bedroom chest of drawers to city planning. This situation binds me to stay open minded, aware to the contemporary and underground designs that trend the world but yet innovative and simple.


Today im a partner architect in the studio and together we seek to preserve our unique path.


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